Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Evolution and Climate Change

For 150 years, science has purported to tell us our origins, all the while changing the story at its convenience.Shall we be surprised when science purports to tell us of our future judgment and hope of redemption, all the while changing the story at its convenience?


Steve Martin said...

No...we shouldn't be suprised at all.

Thanks for bringing to attention!

Strong Tower said...

An interesting thing about climate change and evolution is the evident teleological basis upon which it is founded. The problem is, though, evolution cannot predict future conditions. That being the case, it is a bad bet to establish the survivability in one generation situated in one set of climate conditions when the next may not have those conditions upon which its survival depends.

Steve B said...

I've read several of your comments over at TeamPyro, and real like you clear, cut-to-heart-of-it analysis of things. You've got a knack!